The UK platform offers clients of registered advisers additional benefits rarely available with other wraps.      


We provide a no-cost option to include assets that are not held by our custodian. Typically these might be from commercial property and unquoted securities to antiques or classic cars.

Non-Custody Assets can be displayed within specific tax wrappers i.e. Commercial Property within a SSAS or SIPP. This enables you to see a complete valuation of the fund.

Our Non-Custody service can be used to display unlisted securities or investments held elsewhere. If you hold investments outside of Platform One that are traded and priced regularly, our price feeds are able to automatically update the price for you, keeping your valuation as accurate and up to date as possible.

Non-Custody Assets include:
  • Residential property
  • Cars and boats
  • Commercial property
  • Current accounts & deposits
  • Works of art, antiques & Jewellery
  • Fine wines

EIS & Seed EIS

Platform One clients can subscribe for EIS/Seed EIS investments via their General Investment Account. Platform One Nominees can also hold the shares on behalf of the client. They will be displayed as part of the client’s portfolio.

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) have long been a favoured method of investing in smaller companies as the tax reliefs to private investors are significant. Any capital gains on such investments, subject to the three-year holding period and qualifying company requirement, are also tax free.

The tax reliefs available under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (Seed EIS) scheme can make it particularly attractive for high income clients, offering tax free gains on success and significant mitigation via tax reliefs in the case of a failure. The scheme provides access to funding for small companies and enables them to contribute to the continuing recovery of the UK economy.

EIS Association
Seed EIS Reliefs

The above details are for information purposes only and are not intended to be a recommendation. Platform One does not offer any recommendation as to the suitability of the above products or services. To find out more about whether they are suitable and appropriate to your personal circumstances you must speak to your financial or other professional adviser.