International Service Global Service   Our unique Overseas Wrap Platform has been developed to suit the differing requirements of advisers and their clients from Europe and Africa to the Middle and Far East.

Platform One is the first platform that has responded with a full service in this growing market. The differing international tax environments, regulatory regimes and adviser business models are all skillfully accommodated in the service. The financially secure service, using our own leading-edge technology also adapts to local client-specific requirements.

Platform One offers access to a wide choice of over 3,000 collective funds as well as bonds, UK and international equities and cash. Assets can be held and traded in the major international currencies.

Through either the ‘RDR-based International Service’ or the ‘Global Service’, you can benefit from our status and reputation of being authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the provision of multiple currencies and safe custody held in Luxembourg.
International Service
Global Service
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It is simple to register as a professional adviser. We will guide you through the process and personally explain the many features that include for example, our on-line illustration tool and regular data reports that will be invaluable to your own client management and administration.

  • Clients of UK advisers and advisers in RDR jurisdictions with offshore assets
  • Clients of offshore advisers who prefer an explicit fee service
  • Offshore advisers building value with a fee-based revenue model
  • Offshore advisers in non-RDR jurisdictions where clients have non-UK assets
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Rita Solanki Appointed Head of International Business Development