To meet the needs of advisers, wherever they are in the world, Platform One provides access to a range of third party products. These complement the General Investment Account and ISAs available within the Platform One service. Full details of all products available on the platform is available to registered advisers and these include Onshore Bonds, Offshore Bonds, SIPPs, SSASs and QROPS

We are pleased to have developed strong relationships with selected third parties and their products are showcased here. Use the drop-down menu to find out more. The detail includes links to the third party sites which will open in a new window/tab.

The details provided are for information purposes only and are not intended to be a recommendation for any third party service.


About TCF Investment

  • TCF Investment was founded in 2009 by two former asset management CEOs (Credit Suisse and Insight Investment)
  • A unique whole of market screening programme for passive instruments (index trackers and ETFs)
  • Backed by a 7 strong independent investment committee it selects low cost and risk assessed instruments
  • Blends these instruments into portfolios using external or proprietary risk and asset allocation tools
  • Seeks to use low cost execution venues to keep dealing costs to a minimum
  • Has a robust and ongoing due diligence programme and stays at the forefront of product innovation
  • Provides exceptional support to financial advisers and has a highly rated CPD programme

Products Available

TCF Investment is the manager to two mainstream product lines:

  1. The Total Clarity Funds
    A range of multi-asset multi-manager passive funds managed in line with Distribution Technologies risk profiles 3,4,5, and 6. AMCs of 0.4% pa
  2. Model Portfolios
    Three options of purely passive, core and satellite and target date models
    All multi asset multi – manager portfolios. Full range of tax wrappers. AMCs as low as 0.25% pa plus VAT


Robin Brown Head of Sales  07733 891681
David Norman Chief Executive Officer  07789 396836

About Sanlam Global Investment Solutions

Sanlam Global Investment Solutions (SGIS) identifies fundamental problems faced by investment professionals and clients and supplies them with progressive solutions which are transparent, liquid and cost efficient.

Currently managing and administrating over US$ 1.3 billion, SGIS is a key part of the international investments business of the Sanlam Group.

The Sanlam Group – founded in 1918, is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with offices globally, has a market cap of over US$ 13 billion, over US$ 65 billion under management and carries a AA- rating by Fitch.

Our primary investment solution is P2strategies - designed to help minimise the impact of major market drawdowns and actively reduce portfolio volatility, while allowing dynamic participation in rising markets giving investors the confidence to stay invested for the long-term.

Sanlam P2strategies Global Fund

Our flagship solution is the P2strategies Global Fund - a Next Generation Multi-Asset solution that can help diversify Balanced/Multi-Asset fund manager risk.

The Fund invests in equities for growth and utilises a progressive risk management strategy that exponentially benefits from falling asset prices to manage portfolio risk. This is contrast to other strategies which invest in equities for growth and rely on diversification through Strategic Asset Allocation and/or Tactical Asset Allocation to manage portfolio risk that often merely end up diversifying portfolio losses in times of crises.

It comes in a simple and cost effective UCITS IV fund structure with P2strategies built in.


John Croft Head of Sales Europe  07500 334906
or 01245 790043

About Stellar

  • Stellar is an independent financial services company specialising in inheritance tax and other tax-efficient products & services
  • Our inheritance tax planning services are well diversified to preserve wealth and mitigate risk
  • Our directors have been at the forefront of tax efficient investing since the early 1990s
  • Our AiM service is fully insurable against future loss of value

IHT Services Available


Clients of Platform One seeking to benefit from 100% IHT exemption after 2 years within their ISA, can now do so using Stellar AiM IHT ISA.

This service is available for ISA transfers and for clients wishing to invest their annual ISA allowance in a portfolio of AiM listed shares which qualify for Business Relief.

AiM IHT ISA is a discretionary managed AiM portfolio service which is free from income tax, capital gains tax and will be inheritance tax free after just two years.

AiM IHT ISA is now available on Platform One with no initial fee and an AMC of 1.5% + vat.

It is available with the option of our unique insurance policy to protect investors from any future loss of value.

AIM IHT Portfolios

Clients of Platform One seeking to benefit from 100% IHT exemption after 2 years, can now do so using Stellar AiM IHT Portfolios.

This service is available for asset transfers and for client wishing to invest into a portfolio of AiM listed shares which qualify for Business Relief.

AiM IHT Portfolios is a discretionary managed AiM portfolio service which will be inheritance tax free after just two years.

AiM IHT Portfolios is now available on Platform One with no initial fee and an AMC of 1.5% + vat.

It is available with the option of our unique insurance policy to protect investors from any future loss of value.


Matthew Steiner Business Development Director  020 3326 0682
Andrew Sheena Business Development Manager  020 3326 0684

About WAY Group

The WAY Group has established itself as a leading provider of Estate Planning strategies, uniquely, using collective investments as the underlying investment vehicle. WAY have over 1200 Inheritance Tax mitigation trusts under administration and were included in the London Stock Exchange’s annual ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report in 2013.

The differentiating feature of WAY’s IHT solutions are the reversionary interest trusts which, in addition to reducing a potential Inheritance Tax liability, allow trustees to make gifts or loans to beneficiaries and controlled reversions of capital to the trust settlor. These flexibilities can give peace of mind to clients who wish to take action against their prospective 40% tax liability but are wary of life’s future uncertainties and are thus disinclined to commit to a solution where access to capital disappears.

The company recognises that Advisers require support in what can be a highly complex area. It is committed to helping and familiarising Advisers in the practical application of the more technical aspects of Estate Planning and IHT mitigation strategies.

Products Available

The following two products are currently available from WAY’s range of plans.

  • The WAY Flexible Inheritor Plan
    The first and core step for investors seeking IHT shelter up to the nil rate band. Investment is gifted into a highly flexible Interest in Possession Trust under the control of appointed trustees for the eventual benefit of chosen beneficiaries.
  • The WAY Inheritor Loan Plan
    Loan arrangement with investment growth held outside donor estate ‐ gradual planning for those determined to keep existing capital to hand. Settlor makes an interest‐free loan to the trustees of an Interest in Possession Trust.


Head Office
Tony Lyons IFA Support Manager  01202 890895
Mark Benson Technical Director  01202 890895
Trust Administration Team    01202 890895
UK Regional Sales Managers
Chris O’Reilly East London, East Anglia, South East & Northern Home Counties  07824 628847
Chris Woodward West London, South, Thames Valley  07824 628447
John Humphreys North & Scotland  07779 334523
Rob Owen South West, South Wales & Northern Ireland  07970 891764

About London & Colonial

  • A privately owned independent financial services group, with a 25 year track record of successfully delivering original and creative new products.
  • First founded in 1988 as London & Colonial Trustees Limited providing services for SSASs, prior to offering specialist consultancy services to the pensions industry.
  • London & Colonial Services Limited was established in 1995 by Ken Wrench and Robin Ellison, to offer both SIPPs and wholesale SIPP related services to SIPP retailers. That same year London & Colonial became one of the earliest companies to provide a pure SIPP.
  • 2001 saw the formation of London & Colonial Holdings Limited, to raise the capital required to create a new Insurance Company - London & Colonial Assurance PLC.
  • Having commenced trading in March of 2002, and Gibraltar based to make full use of the corporate “cell” structure recognised within that jurisdiction, London & Colonial Assurance PLC then developed and launched their ground breaking investment linked decumulation product – the market leading Open Annuity.
  • London & Colonial have trust based products both within the UK (SIPPS) and off-shore (Gibraltar based QROPS and QNUPS), as well as an insurer based in Gibraltar.

Products Available

London & Colonial’s full service pension and annuity products, distributed exclusively through IFAs, include the following:-

  • The Open Pension (SIPP) is flexible enough to be easily tailored to ensure that your clients’ financial goals are achieved, whilst allowing them greater control of their retirement fund.
  • The Multi-Platform SIPP is a tailored solution enabling the fulfilment of your client’s changing investment requirements from accumulation through to decummulation, whilst providing access to a wide range of asset classes and services.
  • The International Open Pension (QROPS) is a Gibraltar based personal pension scheme which accepts contributions and transfers from other schemes, whilst successfully removing the potential risk of penalties being incurred for exceeding the Lifetime Allowance (LTA).
  • The Multi-Platform International Open Pension (QROPS) is a multi-platform version of their more recently launched QROPS product - the International Open Pension – to provide a cost effective solution whilst retaining all of the essential elements associated with their full International Open Pension.
  • The New Open Annuity follows on from the success of their original and pioneering Open Annuity, with its previously unheard of levels of flexibility. By maximising the opportunities created by the post A-Day legislation changes, the emphasis moves from the preservation of capital to maximising income.
  • The Multi-Platform Open Annuity combines all of the essential elements from Drawdown and a conventional annuity, to provide your clients with a cost effective decumulation solution which is fully flexible with no ‘lock-in’, and can evolve in-line with your clients’ varying needs throughout their whole retirement.
  • The EU Open Annuity provides your off-shore clients with both flexibility and control, when it comes to the chosen amount of income taken, and the investments selected. It is also available to non-UK residents.
  • The EU SIPP (QNUPS) can provide your clients with increased levels of flexibility when it comes to controlling the amount of income taken and the investments selected, in addition to the provision of excellent death benefits, and a wide choice of permitted investments.


IFA Support  0203 640 6840

About s615(6) Limited

S615(6) Limited offers expatriates a unique opportunity to continue funding for their future by making tax-deductible contributions to a gross fund. The section 615 Benefit Scheme is the first such vehicle to offer this combination of advantages.

  • The scheme allows United Kingdom Limited Companies to establish bona fide retirement benefit packages for employees who have duties outside the United Kingdom.
  • The Pension Scheme satisfies the criteria laid down by HMRC Pension Scheme Services.
  • Every scheme is submitted and accepted by them, ensuring that the benefits will not be subject to challenge. This grants full pension scheme status to a section 615 Benefit Scheme, which is recognised internationally as a genuine pension arrangement.
  • Because of its accepted status, contributions to a section 615 Benefit Scheme are allowable against Corporation Tax in the United Kingdom.
  • The section 615 Benefit Scheme affords a wide range of underlying investments; policies of assurance, direct equity holdings, fixed interest securities, collective investment schemes, money funds, property and cash deposits.

Product Available

The Section615 International Retirement Benefit Scheme


Gary Draper  01483 212591